StemUp is an educational platform that aims to provide GCSE and A-level students affordable and effective study resources for STEM subjects consisting of revision guides and digital flashcards. Each study resource is tailored to boost grades and passion for education using methods shown to be effective in achieving grade 9s and A*s. Since launching, StemUp has quickly expanded helping over 5,000 students with their 2023 exams and described by customers as “the most concise and affordable revision resource on the market”. StemUp has also helped over 90,000 students on their social platforms by providing bite-size study videos and secret exam advice and strategies to ensure success for students regardless of their 'ability'

StemUp - Made by a* students for a* students



Abdulellah is a 20 year old study content creator turned entrepreneur, who started his platform in hopes of helping students gain access to further education, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds. Abdulellah founded StemUp to revolutionise the market for education from being teacher lead to a market run by former students. He hopes to continuously expand his platform to support a range of different subjects and exam boards.